Tiesto Mix


Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone. This year I spent it alone along with other people who complained on twitter. Ha! It’s okay. My valentine was my 4loko…always doing me good. I still want to watch that valentine movie so if your down, holla at me.

…and then you have your Corona.

I have this Stussy trucker hat and its made out of leathet in the front. I never realized how fresh this was. The way the bill is shaped is ugly though so i don’t wear it. Still nice to have.

Curren$y done it again. This shit is a hot mixtape. He decided to drop this for the Saint’s Super Bowl win.  Love it, hate it, just enjoy it.

This movie was okay. The only thing good about it is Megan Fox’s sexy ass. Story line was ehh. But I can tell you how to enjoy it. Grab some booze and enjoy. It was even better watching it intoxicated with the friends.